facebook bubble up

This is a bookmarklet to pull out all the friends of a friend on facebook that have public profiles. The motivation for this was that I was contacted today by someone with 500-something friends, and I was sure that I knew a bunch, but I didn't want to dig through all of them to find the ones for whom I could actually see their profiles; so this does it. When you run it, it will run through all of your friend's friends, and then line them all up on the last page.


To install drag this link to your toolbar...

bubble up


Once you've dragged the link above to your toolbar, navigate to a friend's friends page. Before it will look something like this.


Then after clicking the bubble up link, you end up on the last page of this person's friends, and you'll see all this person's friends with public profiles at the end of the list. I've anonymized the names, but note the names are links.


There are still a few minor bugs, but I'll fix them later; it works for its purpose.