gdirections for chrome

This is a version of gdirections for the goog's chrome browser. Like the firefox version, it allows you to select an address on a webpage and either map it using various map websites (including google maps and mapquest) or get directions using one of three saved addresses. To install, using chrome, click this link:


The official google page is here.

To use it...

  1. Once installed, you'll see a new icon appear in the toolbar next to the location bar that looks ever so like the google maps app icon on a certain phone:
  2. Whenever you select the address on webpage, for example:

    You can then click this icon and see a menu, such as:
    • The Map button will open a new google map (you can change the type of map) of the selected address:
    • The middle button will open a new google map giving you directions from a saved address we have named Citgoset and the selected address:
    • The Close button will close the menu
    • In order to use saved addresses, you need to open the Options page from the extensions page:

      After doing so, you'll see a screen like this, where you can save addresses and change other preferences like the your country, the map type, and locomotion type: