darth acc

This is a program to control darth tater via the accelerometers on your Mac. It's written in Java, the code is here:

Really there's one file, it's here and an image, which is here. You'll have to have AMSTracker (you can google it) and a Mac. Here is a demo:

For the Mac App just save, unzip, and drag to Applications or double click on the tater.

To run either compile the source (see the Makefile in the gzipped tar) or download the jar and type java -jar DarthAcc.jar. By default this will look for AMSTracker in /Applications/AMSTracker, if you want that changed then use the -ams switch, e.g java -jar DarthAcc.jar -ams /SomeOtherPlace/AMSTracker assuming /SomeOtherPlace/AMSTracker is where AMSTracker lives.