fake isight

This is a Java program for Macs to periodically change you IM icon and message from a number of source. Currently there are three

  1. Your isight
  2. flickr explorer
  3. flickr search


Here are the files -- I don't feel like making a DMG or zip, so use the jar.


By default you use your web cam and that image will update every minute. But you can change that by going into the preferences or passing arguments on the command line. Using the former method you'll go to the File -> Preferences menu and see a dialog box like this:

Currently the other values for class names are

When it starts up you'll see a frame with the current, like so:

Notice in the second you pass a search term. In general, when specifying a class of Capture device, you can pass parameters to the constructor by appending strings of the form: :param-1:param-2...:param-n, and then param-1...param-n will be passed when we try to construct one of these things by reflection.

On the command line you can look at the help, here:

    Usage: java com.jeffpalm.fakeisight.Main <options>                           
    where options include:                                                       
      -c <class> || --capture <class>   use 'class' as Capture class     
      -s <n>     || --sleep <n>         sleep 'n' seconds between changes
      -v         || --verbose           print verbose debugging messages 
      -h         || --help              print this message