This is a GDirections bookmarklet that will attempt to find the addresses on a site and let you map them with google maps. In order to use it, you'll need to drag the following link to your toolbar is Safari, and then sync up your bookmarks with your iPhone (learn how to here).


And then follow these directions.

  1. Go to a site -- say this one on your phone.

  2. Hit the bookmarks icon and you'll see the GDirections link at the bottom, click it.

  3. You'll be prompted through all the addresses on the screen. To go to the next one, click Cancel; to map the one presented click OK.

  4. Then you'll be sent via a five legged turtle to the google map of this address.

You can also try the link above on this page using the examples at the bottom of the page


The source is basically this file -- igdirections.js -- built with create_bookmarklet.


Here are a few example addresses so you can test on this page: