longest walk nyc

This is a google map thingy that will show an ordered list of the longest walks between intersections on Manhattan in New York. As it turns out, the longest walk is (or appears to be) in Midtown between 5th and 6th Avenues on 53rd St and is around 0.195557 miles long. There's a menu on the left so you can them all, but here is that one.

The why

So, what is the point of this? Well, I was just wondering it the other day, as I walked around between never-ending avenues, then today I was in a building in Chelsea where I was told that it was on the longest avenue (which could very well be true) and that is has the largest square footage of any building in Manhattan. Anyway, so I wanted to see where they all stacked up (and it was fun to write).

The how

Most of it was made this evening in Ruby, and here is a tar ball of the source.


So, the goal is to create points.js, which will create a sorted list of intersection-to-intersection/distance pairs, so I

  1. Grab the relevent intersections via generate_intersections
  2. Geocode them using geocode and google's Map geocode API
  3. Turn this into a mangeable CSV with convert_to_csv and do some house keeping
  4. Create the javascript file points.js (what a shitty name) with analyze_locations and then do some manual pruning to eliminate eroneous outliers