mac alarm

This is an alarm for you mac that will go off when someone moves your powerbook. You can also specify a phone number to TXT as another notification.

Newer You can twit pic your laptop theft! For example

New You can tweet your laptop theft! Just store your twitter creds like so

You'll have to have AMSTracker (you can google it or download it here and put it in /Applications) and a Mac. Here is a demo and the usage is here: If this YouTube clip doesn't work, here is the Quicktime version.


Starting up
To use it open the application, and it will stall for about three seconds, while it callibrates itself; then it will be set.

While running you can lock it with a password by going to the File -> Lock menu and entering a password.

You can change various options such as the AMS tracker path, period of samples, tolerance for movement, alarm file location, and number to which TXTs are sent by launching the options pane in File -> Options menu.

For the Mac App just save, unzip, and drag to Applications or double click on the tater.

To run either compile the source (see the Makefile in the gzipped tar) or download the jar and type java -jar MacAlarm.jar. By default this will look for AMSTracker in /Applications/AMSTracker, if you want that changed then use the -ams switch, e.g java -jar DarthAcc.jar -ams /SomeOtherPlace/AMSTracker assuming /SomeOtherPlace/AMSTracker is where AMSTracker lives.