music grep

This is a collection of Ruby files for searching your music collection for a certain string (just like grep). You can search the text of the song or just the artists or title. You can pass it files to search; if this is omitted we use the ~/Music directory. We also recur into any directories passed in. A little cache of lyrics is created in ~/.musicgrep so that we don't have to repeatedly look up lyrics, to the best of my knowledge I'm using a site with a TOS that isn't affected by this.



Search all songs in ~/Music for songs with lyric change.

musicgrep "change"

Search all songs in ~/Music with artists containing the string Belle.

musicgrep -a "Belle"

Search all songs in ~/Music with titles containing the string Cat.

musicgrep -t "Cat"

Clear the cache in ~/.musicgrep.

musicgrep -c

Print help.

musicgrep -h

Operate verbosely.

musicgrep -v ...