This is a greasemonkey script to remove the digg bar from web pages.

In its current form you need to be running greasemonkey on firefox. If you know how to install these, here is the script.



Once installed, here's how you use this thing.

  1. Whenever you're on a page with a digg bar, e.g.
  2. and have this script installed, the bar will be removed.

( This is when the screaming starts )


To use you must be running greasemonkey on firefox. So, I'll mention both.

  1. Install firefox.
  2. Install greasemonkey.
  3. Go to the link nodiggbar.user.js a click the Install button in the upper right. If you don't see this button you haven't installed greasemonkey correctly -- in which case return to step #2.



First release.