pandora +

This is a Mac app that combines pandora and so that when you up a track in pandora, it's added to a playlist on your account. It's an extension of pandoraboy, with some additions, and you can see the CHANGES file for more there. There is also a google code repository.



Currently when running it looks like this:

The following are the button assignments:

When you Up a track, and have set your username in the preferences dialog by clicking the Preferences button,

you'll be sent the first time to a browser and presented with a page showing the following

and once you click Yes, allow access you'll be able to continue and notice that you have a new track in your first play list.

You can run it by

  1. downloading the jar file and running it, or
  2. downloading the source file, untarring it, and invoking make, e.g.
    tar xvfz pandoralastfm-0.2.tar.gz
    make depends
    make run


0.2 Threading issues.
0.1 First release.