pollstar + dashboard

Here is a dashboard widget for displaying concert listings from pollstar.


I have a google map to do something similar here.


To use download the zip file and unzip it to /Library or ~/Library and then

  1. Enter location as city, state. Example: New York, NY
  2. Press 'search'

You can set your default city by clicking the little, script i in the bottom-right corner. That will flip around the front screen and display the options screen. There you can specify the city and state to show at start up.

I have a similar thing for google maps here.


The 'searchy' stuff is written in Ruby, I think all Macs have that installed by default. If not, they should. Also, there are absolutely no features, if you want one mail me. Here's a screen shot or the main screen and the options screen:

main screen
[ Main screen ]
options screen
[ Options screen ]