This is a greasemonkey script to allow you to select a region of text containing links, and then create a new page where these links appear as a vertical column on the left opening in a larger pane to the right. A use case of this is when you'd like to run down a list of links quickly previewing them without opening them in separate windows.

In its current form you need to be running greasemonkey on firefox. If you know how to install these, here is the script.



Once installed, here's how you use this thing.

  1. Whenever you visit a page with some links, select them in the normal style, making sure (for the time being) that you pass the mouse over every link of interest, and then a 'preview' link will appear1.

  2. When you click this 'preview' link you will get a new page, with the links collected in a left pane opening in the center pane.

  3. 1You can also click 'Show preview' from the toolbar as ToolsGrease MonkeyUser Script CommandsShow Preview, if the 'preview' link doesn't appear.


To use you must be running greasemonkey on firefox. So, I'll mention both.

  1. Install firefox.
  2. Install greasemonkey.
  3. Go to the link preview.user.js a click the Install button in the upper right. If you don't see this button you haven't installed greasemonkey correctly -- in which case return to step #2.



First release.