This is a system (thought up by Felix, not me) to record a journal of geo locations and then insert them into images captured by a camera that doesn't have the ability to record geo location -- i.e. a quality one not made by apple.


Here is the tar ball


though it's really one file,

with an embedded Perl program.


In short, to use this you need to first record a script of geo locations, which is just a text file containing time stamps and latitude/longitudes. Then you run a program taking this file and a list of images, and this program will merge the coordinates in the file into the images and write them to an output directory. A longest version of this is

  1. Visit this page and click start to begin recording and stop to stop recording your position. After clicking stop you can resume by just clicking start again. After this you will see your coordinates to the right, like so
    The astute read will notice I'm running this while not moving, so the coordinates don't change. But, if one were moving around, they'd change.
  2. After clicking stop you will also see link to mail the locations, which you can use to mail yourself the locations. So, either mail yourself the locations or copy and paste them into a file.
  3. Install the ExifTool perl library. The program,, to insert the geo locations is written in Java, but uses an embedded perl program, so we need this library.
  4. Once you have the locations, say in a file called locs.txt you need to run jar file and pass in this file and all the images you want to read. For example if you have three images a.jpg, b.jpg, and c.jpg, then run
    java -jar record.jar a.jpg b.jpg c.jpb locs.txt
    Then the images will be written to a new directory, out, with GPS coordinates that most closely match those found in locs.txt.