This is an iphone app to allow you to continue listening to whatever track you were playing with your laptop/desktop on your iphone. The motivation is this: Yesterday, I was at a coffee shop listening to a song, enjoying it, but had to leave; I thought it would be cool if I could resume listening to the song on my iphone without opening the ipod, navigating to the song, and then manually seeking. So, this app will allow you to resume whatever song you were listening to without all this work.


Using this consists of two parts:

  1. A Ruby script that will save the state of itunes on your desktop, and
  2. An iphone app that will look up your saved state and start your iphone's ipod at the track and location in that track you left off.

To save your current state while using itunes on the desktop or laptop, you run this script. This will save your current state using a username. By default this username will your USER environmental variable, if you'd like to use a different name, pass it in. For example, if I ran resume without any arguments I would use the username jeff; to use another name, say stinky, I would run this:

resume stinky

Then, on your iphone, the first time you run it, you will be prompted to enter a username, like this:

From then on, this user name will be stored in your Preferences, and you can change it there. After obtaining a user name, you'll see a screen like this showing the current state, and then the app will exit:

Source code

All the code if GPLed v3.0 and is available as a google code project here: