This is a little look at my email usage for my personal account over the past couple years or so. Each band of color represents a person, and the X-axis tracks dates.

( click for a larger one )

It's basically a much, much smaller (and not nearly as cool) version of the mountain project, because I was focusing on each individual band (i.e. the people) by filtering out people with whom I didn't communicate enough, rather than the humps; though the latter is significant, too. Here is one with a more lenient filter.

( click for a larger one )


To do it own your own, here is the source code, there are three files:

They are in a tar ball, too:

To use it first run analyze_mail, then convert_to_csv on the output of that, then use some tool to create a graph. For example, if my password were toothache, then the following would do:

analyze_mail -d toothache > out.txt
convert_to_csv out.txt > out.csv    

Then your results are in out.csv.