This will periodically send your machine information and location to a page designated by you, so it's private. Why? Well, my laptop was stolen the other (thanks, btw, to whoever you are), and it made me tink of who's the person oyu want to catch: the one who stole it, or the one who ends up with it. I'd the latter so really I want to know when they logon, some system info, and especially their location and IP address. So, this is a little (mainly) Ruby system that is run as a cron job that periodically gathers this information and then sends it toe a desired URL. The README has a fuller description. To use it download, and unapackt his tar ball:


What you'll do (and it's all explained in the README) is create some confiruation variables in PHP and Ruby telling the name of the data file, where to send the results, etc. The data is simply stored as tab-delimited, name-value pairs separated by a token oyu choose.

I didn't including any other code for analyzing or presenting the data; but the data (and mainly IP and location) is what you want. So, it's very rough on the edges, but could help and serve a purpose.