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This is a PHP/email-based system to set the status of various social networks (twitter, facebook, ...) by sending an email. This project is hosted on google and is available here:

Changes are here. There was one on 12/31/2009.


Once installed, using this is pretty easy. When you want to set your twitter or facebook or whatever (though, right now only the first two are supported) status, you send an email. This email is set up during installation. In the future, when these networks support geo location (and you'd like to world to know where you are), this page is set up to include your coordinates in the subject of your email as well as have a little area to type your status.


To install this you'll need access to a web server and an email server. You'll also need to be literate and read this INSTALL file. Basically you create an email address to which you'll send your status, create a file containing credentials for this account and your other accounts, and then create a cron job to periodically look at this email account and post your status when it's new. I'll add more to the INSTALL file in time.


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This makes uses of the following projects (license(s) included)