This chrome extension allows you to find synonyms quickly and easily by selecting text on a page, clicking the icon in the toolbar, and then simply selecting the synonym of your choice. After selecting the orignal word is replaced with your selected synonym.


The official google page is here.

To use it...

  1. Once installed, you'll see a new icon appear in the toolbar next to the location bar:
  2. You can find synonyms in one two ways:
    1. If you do not select any text on the page, then you'll be prompted for a word to enter (I wanted to find words similar to stuff):

      After entering the word and clicking Find, a list of synonyms will appear below:
      You can then select the word (e.g. assets) of your choice.
    2. If you do select a word on a page (again I chose stuff) before clicking the prompt:

      we'll automatically find synonyms and present a list of words as links:

      Clicking a link (e.g. assets) will then replace the selected word:

      If our first choice doesn't seem right, we can change it (e.g. beef):